Poplar Creek Public Library District

Marlene Deuel Gallery

Art Exhibit Guidelines


Poplar Creek Public Library District (PCPL) is pleased to provide a public space for displaying the work of artists in the library district’s community.  In addition to helping local artists increase their public exposure, the presentation of artistic talents within our diverse community enriches the library experience for all patrons and increases community appreciation of the arts.

Interested individuals are encouraged to read these guidelines and complete an Art Exhibition Request form. 


Exhibit space and display duration

The Gallery consists of two linear walls and is located on the PCPL’s main floor. The PCPL provides a metal rod-and-hook hanging system. Only two-dimensional pieces with proper framing and wires for hanging will be permitted.  The space will accommodate approximately 14 pieces total, depending on the size of the framed art. Up to two artists can exhibit in the space at the same time, one on each wall.

Each exhibit is scheduled for a period of two calendar months or 60 days. The display period begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last.



The Library welcomes local artists to participate in the exhibition of artworks under the following guidelines and procedures:   

- All artwork must be original work done by the submitting artist. 

- All pieces must be ready to hang, with a wire attached to the back.   Appropriate and durable framing must be used for hanging art.  Size and weight of the items must be suitable to hang on the PCPL’s rod-and-hook system.  The maximum weight of an individual piece should not exceed 15 pounds.

- The artist’s full name, contact information and title of the work must be printed and attached to the back of each piece.

- Artists must provide a complete, itemized list of art pieces with the submission form and include a photograph of each piece to be considered.

- Exhibits are scheduled for a period of 2 calendar months or 60 days.  Dates for upcoming exhibits and submission deadlines will be posted in the Library’s newsletter, on the Library’s website and bulletin board.

- Artists are responsible for delivering their artworks to the Library, unpacking and installing the artworks, taking down their artworks and re-packing, during prearranged times.  The Gallery Coordinator will work with artists to determine dates and times, placement of art and signage, and the appropriate number of pieces to display based on the exhibit space.  Exhibitors must remove items on the final day of their exhibit as established by the Gallery Coordinator.  The Library does not provide storage for the artworks.

- All information wall mounts such as artist statement, artist biography and artwork identifiers will be attached by PCPL staff.  Artists will not be permitted to adhere supplementary labels to the PCPL walls.

- Each artist/exhibitor agrees and understands the Library, its trustees, patrons, and employees cannot assume responsibility for the preservation, protection, loss, damage, or theft of items displayed in the exhibit.  Artists are encouraged to insure their artwork prior to display.  The PCPL does not provide individual security for the monitoring of the artwork.

- By exhibiting artwork, artists grant the Library the right to use their images for the purpose of promoting exhibitions and promoting the artist by displaying them on the PCPL’s website, the PCPL’s newsletter, and its social networks.

- The PCPL reserves the right to delay or cancel any exhibit due to unexpected circumstance or the need to use the space.



  1. Complete and sign Art Exhibition Request Form.
  2. Include a photograph of each piece of artwork offered for exhibition. These can be delivered in the form of an email, web page address or photos/CD’s attached with the application. Please do not submit original artwork.
  3. Include a short artist biography and/or an artist’s statement
  4. A photograph of the artist (optional)

Artists will be notified as to the status of their request and when to bring selected items to the Library.