Library Fines

Overdue items - $.25 per day, per item.

DVDs and videos require an adult card for checkout and have a $1.00 per day, per item late fee. Video Games, 7-day books, and electronic items require an adult card for checkout and have a $2.00 per day, per item late fee. DVDs and Blu-rays have a $1.00 per day, per item late fee. If the item is missing from its case when returned it will NOT be considered checked in until said item is returned.

Replacement Cost

Patrons will be charged current replacement cost of an item if it is returned damaged. The Library does not accept replacement items for something that has been damaged.


Photocopies - $.10 per page, double-sided copies available.

Color copies - $.50 per page.

Printouts - $.10 per page

Faxes - $1.75 first page and $1.00 each additional page

Flash Drive - $7.00 each

Ear Buds - $2.50 each

Used Book Sales

Books, CDs and cassettes are $.25 per item.

Used DVDs and Videos are $1.00 per item.

Food for Fines Program

Poplar Creek Library offers the Food For Fines program three times a year: March, July and November from the 1st through the 14th of those months. During this time you may bring in one can or box of food for each dollar (or part of a dollar) you have in fines. Your library record will be cleared UP TO $20.00 per card. Paper products are also needed. We donate all items to the Hanover Township Food Pantry. These are difficult times for many in our community. They need our help. You are always welcome to donate even if you have no fines. Also, once again we’re accepting dog and cat food items for our furry neighbors. Animals are an important part of a family. So don’t let families have to give up their pets during this time. Items that are dented, out-of date, opened or in any way not usable will NOT be accepted.

Unique Management Services

The Library has several outstanding checked out items which are long overdue. These items are not available because they are checked out and thus our patrons are denied access. With the variety of formats available to patrons and the high popularity and cost of some formats, the Library needs to take strong action. If a person has items, 45 days or more late, with an overdue amount of at least $25.00, their account could be referred to Unique Management.  Please note, the Library will continue to send overdue notices and letters before a Patron’s account is referred to Unique.  When you get the notice please contact Poplar Creek. Patrons should contact the Library as soon as possible to return items or to pay for lost/damaged items to avoid referral to a collection agency and a billing fee.